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Our Team

We have such an awesome, well rounded team of amazing people to help you elevate your health! The front desk is considerate and caring, helping you navigate insurance issues, schedule appointments, purchase products in the office, and arrange payment plans that can save you money!

And with not one, but two Chiropractic doctors on staff, you can be sure your chiropractic needs and preferences are met! Dr. Bueler even does x-rays on site!

We have additional support to the chiropractic care available as well!

What are you waiting for? Get in here!

Let us introduce ourselves!

Dr. John Bueler, Jr.

Graduating from the Los Angeles College Of Chiropractic in 1985, Dr. Bueler was president of the California Chiropractic Association from 2006-2007, named Chiropractor of the Year by the California Chiropractic Association in 2009 and he has been serving the mountain community for over 20 years. He started Lake Gregory Chiropractic (Now called Rim Chiropractic) in the mountains because he loves the area and the people! He plays in his band called The Adjustors annually at the biggest Chiropractic Event in California, CalJam. And in 2019, Dr. Bueler added Applied Clinical Nutritionist to his list of accomplishments! He is well known in our mountain communities as a caring, compassionate doctor. Come see why!

Dr. Greg Anderson BS, DC, ACN


Dr. Greg Anderson is a Wellness Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He has been in chiropractic practice for over 44 years. He is a member of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, the Creating Wellness Alliance, the Standard Process Speaker’s Bureau and the California Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Greg is a popular speaker and travels frequently throughout the United States to speak to chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, medical & osteopathic physicians, pharmacists and nutritionists on Wellness, Business Skills, Practice Skills, Personal Development, and Nutritional and Herbal Medicine. He was the co-founder of the popular Wellness University, a 12-month course that was designed to provide the public with the vision, skills, motivation, resources and a plan to grow their health and their family’s health year after year over the course of their lives. Dr. Greg also developed and teaches Tonal Nutrition Technique, an analytical method for determining custom nutrition based on a patient’s own natural reflexes.

Dr. Anderson is married to his greatest chiropractic fan and nutritional ally, Elena, and they are the parents of five children and the proud grandparents of five grandchildren. They became residents of Crestline in 2022.


Billie is our certified Aromatherapist, and is probably best known for her pain relieving products, and essential oil roll ons for anxiety and sleep. But after nearly four years, she has added Applied Clinical Nutritionist to her skill set! You can schedule an in person or phone appointment with her to discuss some protocols to relieve a myriad of issues nutritionally, from allergies to heartburn to chronic joint pain. Billie and her husband, Dr. Bueler, can assist you in making changes to your diet and thus your overall health. You can also ask her about chemical free cleaning supplies and drug free pain relief such as rice bags for both children and adults! If you’re looking to eliminate toxins from your medicine cabinet, Billie is here to help!


Massage Therapist
Yvonne is our amazing massage therapist. Loved by staff and her clients alike, Yvonne has been a massage therapist since 2015. She believes that massage therapy is essential to one’s self care and quality of life, and we agree! She specializes in pain management, increasing mobility, and bring balance to the body through deep tissue massage, stretching, myofascial release and reflexology. Yvonne can relieve both acute and chronic pain caused by headaches, sciatica, muscle fatigue, poor posture, stress and more! Through empathetic and careful listening, in conjunction with her clinical education, Yvonne provides a thorough, restorative massage that allows her clients to reach their goals! We adore her, and are so thrilled that she is part of our team!


Office Manager
Lisa is our Office Manager, and has taken very good care of our accounting department, seeing to patient’s insurance needs and resolving any concerns they might have. Lisa also continues to be such a blessing with Laser Therapy for our patients! She’s trained as a Laser Therapist and includes accu-laser when required to her treatment of patients! Ask her about the MANY things low level laser therapy can do for you! Lisa and her family have been on the mountain for 10 years. She enjoys her four dogs and their antics are often the topic of conversation in the office! We really enjoy having Lisa in our office.


Front Desk
Laura is breath of fresh air in our office! She is enthusiastic about people and fitness! Laura splits her time between running the front desk (checking our patients in and out, seeing that they have appointments scheduled, answering the phone and generally keeping the office running smoothly) and helping our patients reach fitness goals by operating her own business called B Fit on our second floor! Laura has her certification as a Personal Trainer from NASM, The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Through her training, Laura gained a knowledge of human movement, assessments, training concepts and program deign, as well as nutrition and supplementation. She has the ability to train her clients in flexibility, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometric, SAQ, and resistance training! This includes the ability to work safely with her clients who have chronic health conditions, and those with physical and functional limitations. Everyone has their own personal goals, and Laura designs a program that is progressive, safe and tailored to each client! She sees clients by appointment. Reach out to her for an assessment, where she can observe your movement patterns and posture, even walk you through some exercises and teach you how to safely and correctly perform them. You’ll love her, we certainly do!


Office Staff
Kaylee was raised on the mountain and is our newest addition to Rim Chiropractic! When she isn’t assisting patients with making appointments, ordering supplements, answering the phone and taking payments at the front desk, Kaylee spends her time studying nursing. An avid snow boarder, and wake boarder, she knows the importance of good health and regular chiropractic adjustments! We’re so happy to have her on our team!


Social Media
Kirsten was raised in a Chiropractic family, and has been helping us out in our social media platforms and she knows her way around on a web page as well! She and her husband make their home here in the mountains. Kirsten sings opera and has a cd out! Honestly, we firmly believe in Music Therapy, maybe we can get her to see patients too! Lol. We love her upbeat personality and her caring nature!